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Every last inch of Wonderwall has been designed to utilise and maximise the best of nature while reconnecting all of us with the true essence of community living.

Freshwater, fragrant trees, flowering plants and open spaces intended to host migratory birds rest alongside our immaculately designed sensory gardens, each of which includes things you may have never seen in one place before.

An entire landscape designed as a feast for your senses, because the wonders of nature cannot hope to be contained within a few walls.

Thoughtfully located at Sompura Gate, this project is close to all the major professional and social hubs in Bengaluru, so you can get to where you need quickly, in case you actually feel like leaving.


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The wonders within

At Wonderwall, you’ll find all the amenities you need and some you never knew you did. We’ve got more than seven hundred 1,2,3 BHK apartments in 3 wondrous blocks that are carefully curated landscapes that feature relaxing waterways, 78 % open spaces and thoughtfully designed, spread out green spaces that make coming home a blissful experience. 

Focused on experiential living, the amenities at Wonderwall are geared towards giving its residents an active, soulful lifestyle. Walking trails, sports courts, sensory gardens invite you to explore a landscape designed to bring out the best in you, an oasis of calm away from the bustle of the city.

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A feast for the senses

All areas of the property, inside and out, have been designed for you to relish with all your senses. Fragrant, flowering fruit trees that provide a visual treat as they adapt to the seasons, grass lawns that invite you to take your shoes off and feel the earth beneath you, sensory groves designed to heighten your senses and a nature-focused design intended to host migratory birds on their journey.  

At Wonderwall, we want you to always feel at home by redefining your expectations of life in an apartment complex. There’s a lot to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Take it all in.

- Climate responsive trees and plants

- Waterbody

- 78% of open spaces

- Pluck and eat gardens

- Secret garden

- Moon garden

- Waterside seating

- Reflection pond

- Sculpture court

- Auditory court

- Camphor court

- Fragrance court

- Textural court

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Experiential Community Living

We set out to redefine the lifestyle you can expect from apartment living in Bengaluru. Wonderwall has been designed with a focus on its social groves that enhance community interactions, from outdoor workspaces to designated music, theatre and sports venues along with a festivities plaza and an outdoor BBQ deck. 

There’s a community vegetable garden as well, so you can grow what you eat and make friends while doing so. The walking trails have also been designed with multiple cul-de-sacs and picnic spots for you to take a break-in.

-Community cultivation

-Bird watching

-Relaxing pool

-Public plaza

-BBQ deck

-Outdoor workspaces

-Unity court

-Festivities plaza


-Outdoor amphitheatre

-Live concert venue

-Theatre space

-Dance venue

-Music learning centres

-Mini theatre

-Kite flying plaza



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Stay active and soulful

Spread across the entire property, you’ll find multiple avenues to stretch out and stay fit, giving you space for the entire family to bond as our amenities are tailored for sports enthusiasts of all ages. 

Sweat it out on one of the multiple sports courts or relax and indulge in some board games with your kids.

- Basketball Court

- Futsal Field

- Skating Rink

- Outdoor Squash

- Half Olympic Size Swimming Pool

- Badminton Court

- Tennis Court

- Table Tennis 

- Jogging Track

- Cycling Track

- Cricket Plaza 

- Outdoor Gym & Jumba 


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Through the eyes of a child

Wonderwall will entice your children into falling in love with nature as they bound around the property, exploring the various play areas incorporated into the green surroundings.  We have focused on developing nature-centric play areas that encourage your kids to learn and play, as they pluck their favourite fruits from the trees. 

The property also features Music learning centres, an outdoor Library, a Kite flying plaza, Water spout courts and Picnic venues resting alongside multiple sports courts, a kids’ swimming pool and jogging tracks. 

- Sand Pit

- BoardGames

- Jungle Gym

- Picnic Venues

- Water Spout Courts

- Outdoor Library

- Outdoor Class Space


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There’s no end to Wonder

Holistically designed to set new standards in modern apartment living, we have taken all the measures to ensure that your family has an unmatched experience when you decide to move here. Located centrally at Sompura Gate just off Sarjapur Road, Wonderwall provides access to all the wonders and urban conveniences of the Garden City while wrapping you in natures’ warm embrace back home, where you’ll want to spend most of your time anyway.

At Wonderwall, we want you to be amazed at all the possibilities of life, the minor, everyday joys that you never realised you missed and look forward to the sensations of an invigorating new life that awaits you within our walls.

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