Dec 7, 2021

Why are villas becoming the residence of choice for new home buyers?

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On the surface, it seems pretty obvious why you would want to live in an apartment complex, where all the amenities are provided on-site and you have the pleasures of community living, even when living away from the traditional Indian setup of a joint family. However, more and more developers have taken the initiative in recent years to marry apartment style living with the joys of life in your own independent villa.  So, let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why villas have started to become the residence of choice for new home buyers.

A Place to Call Home

The main benefit is having a piece of land that you own and do whatever you choose to with it. Even though you get the same in an apartment, there is a lot more on offer when it comes to a villa. You could have a nice backyard garden, a place for your kids to play uninterrupted without disturbing the neighbours. It captures the real sense of home.

A Place that’s Private

With no common walls or anyone above or below you, there’s a real sense of privacy when it comes to living in a villa. You can sing to your heart’s content if you so wish! This also obviously reduces the amount of noise from your neighbours that you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

A Place For All

A home has now come to encompass everything. It has to stand in for a classroom, an office, a home theatre. One benefit of the pandemic has been that we have truly come to love the space we call home and in a villa, each member of the family can further find their own space. Move to a different floor for some privacy, spend time in the garden, jam out in your own music room. With a well-planned villa, it becomes easier for a home to encompass all your dreams.

A Place to Meet and Greet

Having your own villa with a private garden makes it easier for you to have guests over. It also allows for people to spread out around the house more comfortably, so maybe the kids can have their own party without spoiling the fun for anyone else.

A Place That’s Secure

It’s easier to keep your eyes on the children when you live in a gated community. Most often, the kids’ play areas will be located in your line of sight. Gated communities also offer the benefit of having fewer people than apartment complexes, thus improving the closeness between neighbours.

As we started with, a lot of developers are now focusing on providing exceptional gated communities as opposed to apartments, especially in light of the pandemic, where people have shifted their expectations of what a home means to them. At Bricks & Milestones, we got a jump on this trend by conceptualising New Dawn, our gated row-villa community, just off Sarjapur Road. With two blocks already completed and another two soon to be ready, New Dawn offers you a home like no other. An open-plan paradise that gives you your space, while leaving the door open to enhanced community living. Where your kids have the freedom to explore without leaving. Where minimal design meets maximum comfort. Find out more at New Dawn Row Villas and get in touch with us if you’d like to know more!