Apr 9, 2021

Turning your house into a happy home

happy home life

Our home is a reflection of our character. It serves as the backdrop to all the thoughts, activities, feelings and interactions that occur here. The manner in which a house is set up can influence us to a large extent. When we take charge and decide to organise the spaces around us to our satisfaction, we are taking control over the perspectives that are unique to each of us. Here a few tips to make your home feel more welcoming: 

  • Set up every room to your estimation of perfection - Nothing can ever be perfect, but it is coming close that counts. Take the time to understand what you want from each room. How is each space meant to make you feel? What is its purpose? Are there things you can do that make the experience of being there more positive? Come up with ideas and reflect on how you can make your home suit your needs better. 

  • Display mementos and photographs - Improve the sentimental value of your homes by displaying things that are of personal value to you. This does wonders to build a sense of warmth and familiarity at home. There is also the added bonus of having plenty of conversation starters!

  • Learn to enjoy cleaning up - Of course, even just the idea of having to do extra work around the house is enough to raise our stress levels, but on closer examination, it must be realised that cleaning up brings about a level of calm at home. It means being able to reside in the spick and span environment that you deserve. Obviously, there is also a great sense of accomplishment that makes being at home all the more pleasant. 

  • Have your friends and family over - Your home has the potential to contain many interesting conversations and interactions by being the space in which these magical moments take place. Invite your loved ones over, and share the space that you have created for yourself with others. Hospitality goes a long way in giving our lives more meaning and fulfillment.

  • Invest in things that create experiences at home - If you are a movie-buff, maybe having a home theater system is something that can elevate the status of your home by providing room for doing something you can enjoy. Maybe you like the idea of having a nice music system, or a gaming room. Gradually take steps to heighten the extent of leisure living that can be had within your own space. 

  • Do things at home that are good for you - Everything else set aside, you must always take the time to do something that adds value to your life, and brings you a sense of peace and completion. This can be in the form of reading a good book, exercising and doing yoga, or setting aside a few minutes of your day to meditate in a place that gives you shelter on a daily basis and serves to be the backdrop of many meaningful experiences. 

These are a few steps that anyone can take to making their homes their own happy places. The lives we lead at home define who we are as people, and we should have the conviction to give ourselves the best life we can give ourselves.