Nov 5, 2021

Getting your home ready for Diwali, the festival of lights!

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It’s almost that time of the year again, when all our homes are lit up, the mithais are prepared and we get ready to welcome all our near & dear ones home to celebrate the festival of lights. Owing to the pandemic last year, many people missed out on hosting or attending any grand Diwali celebrations. With things looking a lot better in that regard this time around, we hope we can celebrate uninterrupted and spread the joy and cheer of this uniquely Indian festival. When welcoming guests, the most important thing to attend to is the decorations that will go up all around your house, both inside and out. So, here are some tips to get your house decked up for the festivities!

1) Say it with flowers: There are many ways that flowers can add to the beauty of your house during this time of the year. Adorn your dining table with flowers for the perfect dinnertime ambience. Door hangings curated with marigold flowers add a touch of class and impart a sweet scent to anyone walking through your doors. You can also combine flowers with various artefacts around the house, such as bronze vessels & fairy lights to step it up a notch. Using any old-fashioned vessels such as pickle bottles from your grandma’s house is also a great idea. Adorn these vessels with flowers and place them appropriately next to the plants, surrounded by diyas and lanterns for the traditional look!

2) Light it up: Since it’s the festival of lights, you are expected to get creative with the lights you use around the house. Again, you can adorn your doorways with fancy hanging lights that greet your guests as they enter. Stock up on different colours and scents of candles that you can place in different areas of the home. Candles tend to be overlooked in favour of lanterns and diyas during Diwali, so having some in your house will help you stand out as well. Pick elaborate candle sticks or holders that can be placed strategically around the house.

3) The charm of Rangolis: A staple of most Indian households during any festival, you have the option of seeking out some truly unique Rangoli designs that are specific to Diwali. Get the whole family together and make it a fun arts project for everyone. There truly is no end to the patterns you can create, so get started right away!

4) Recycle and upcycle: There are plenty of things just lying around your house that would make for excellent Diwali decorations. For example, if you have any old bamboo baskets lying around, you can use them to light lamps in! These baskets can be hung on the wall, floated on a pot of water, or just placed by the doorstep to enhance the ambience. You can create diyas out of paper in many interesting shapes and sizes. There is simply no joy better than creating hand-made diyas with the kids! You can also use old dupattas and other clothing items to spruce up the home décor.

5) Colourful Rattan ball lights: Rattan ball lights are easily available to buy, but they’re equally easy to make. Just wrap some strings of yarn around an inflated balloon and use glue to hold the yarn in place. Leave enough of an opening to insert your lights. We recommend using artificial lights or fairy lights in this case as candles and diyas could be a potential fire hazard. Let the glue dry, pop the balloon and you have your own homemade Rattan ball lights!

So, those are a few of our décor tips to brighten up your Diwali! All in all, make sure you have a wonderful Diwali and spread some sorely missed festive cheer that you may have kept in reserve last year!

From everyone at Bricks & Milestones, we wish you a very Happy Diwali!