Apr 16, 2021

The many benefits of having a home garden

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Even with the many advantages that city life provides in the form of opportunity and security, it can lead to a feeling of disconnection with nature. Keeping plants at home means that we must have an interaction with them on a daily basis and this encourages us to be in touch with the benefits of being outdoors. Here are a few reasons why having plants at home are a boon:

  • Improve the quality of air - Plants can raise the oxygen levels of your home. In addition to this, they also purify all the carbon dioxide that we expel. Having plants at home means we are doing something that benefits not only us, but the environment around us as well.

  • Contribute to the aesthetic value of your home - Add a splash of colour around your home by having a few plants around. The visual beauty of real plants can really add to the aesthetics of your home in a way that artificial decor just cannot match.

  • Gardening helps us destress and boost our mood - Most people actually engaged in the activity of gardening find joy in working with their hands, smelling the dirt and being outdoors. The exercise that goes along with it is an added benefit. It helps us stay connected with nature in an intimate manner.

  • Gardening benefits your house - Planting trees in the right places can keep homes cooler by providing shade and fresh air. Having access to a pristine garden space means you can throw a garden party that people will flock to whenever you host! 

  • Harvest your own produce - Maintaining a proper home garden can mean that you will never have to shop for veggies again! Your home can be self-sufficient by having a garden where you can grow your own food. It provides an immense level of accomplishment, as well as the benefit of knowing exactly where your food is coming from.

  • Giving back to nature - Simple home gardens can serve as sustainable ecosystems for many different life forms. It allows bees, wasps, butterflies, along with various other critters to pollinate and sustain their own lives, which in turn contributes to the overall wellbeing of the environment. 

  • Create a sense of community - By reaching out to friends and family for assistance, gardening can be turned into a community affair to break the typical daily routine. It can improve interpersonal relationships as well as teach us how to interact with other human beings in a more productive and healthy manner. 

Going far beyond being mere eye candy, having a garden at home, or even indoor plants for that matter, can greatly contribute to improving the quality of our lives. Gardening fosters a sense of tranquility, patience, determination and sustainability. It is something that allows us to get to know ourselves a little better, and much like the plants around, to grow and to develop. 

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